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Karen Levitt and Gina Arons’ Widely Acclaimed Presentation “I’ve Got A Secret”

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Collaborative Law, News

Karen Levitt and psychologist Gina Arons were invited to give their presentation “I’ve got a Secret” on September 17, 2014 to the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (MCLC) Worcester County Collaborative Practice Group.

In this interactive workshop, Karen and Gina talked about the issues of privilege, confidentiality, and transparency in the Collaborative Law process, where disclosure or failure to disclose a  fact that is not required to be disclosed (a “secret”), might impact the negotiations as well as outcome and how clients and professionals can manage these issues in the process.

This presentation has been widely acclaimed, having being given at a former IACP Forum, at numerous MCLC practice groups in Massachusetts, and also at a  joint meeting of the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire and the MCLC Tri River Practice Group.  Karen and Gina have teamed up a number of times to give educational programs to lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals regarding Collaborative Law.