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Why Establishing Legal Rights and Responsibilities Is Important

If you are not married, but have a child or children or own property together, your legal rights may not be well-protected under the law.

When unmarried couples have a child or children, it is important for each parent to establish their rights and obligations as a parent to their child or children, for the child to be supported by both parents, have a relationship and parenting time with both parents, and enjoy all of the legal benefits that flow between parents and child or children.

Massachusetts law states that children of unmarried couples have the same rights as children of married couples. However, failure to properly establish parentage can lead to a host of legal problems, so establishing parentage is critical to secure the legal rights of children of unmarried couples.

Unmarried couples with children need to resolve many of the same issues as divorcing spouses, including custody & parenting plans, child support, health insurance, life insurance, college education, and other items related to raising children.

If you don’t have children but own property together or are entwined financially it is important to secure legal protection for such assets. You may want to establish your respective rights and responsibilities to each other in regard to joint or other property, and address what happens if your relationship falls apart. Unmarried couples often need appropriate legal protection, which avoids misunderstandings and conflict including, but not limited to, a prenuptial agreement.

An Experienced Family Law Firm for Unmarried Couples

At Levitt Family Law & Mediation, we are experienced and happy to represent either party or provide mediation services to assist you with family law matters including, but not limited to, establishing parentage or other legal rights and responsibilities between unmarried couples.

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