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Settlement Counsel

Settlement Counsel: Your Attorney to Resolve Matters Outside of Court

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Levitt Family Law & Mediation offers the opportunity to choose the path of settlement counsel as an effective way to resolve family legal matters. Karen J. Levitt will listen, guide, advise, and advocate throughout the process to reach a mutually agreed upon settlement outside of court.
Levitt Family Law & Mediation, offers extensive experience in settlement counsel work for resolving family legal matters. As your family law attorney, Karen J. Levitt facilitates reaching an agreement by working with the other attorney and his/her client in a non-adversarial setting, serving as a strong advocate for you.
Levitt_Law as Settlement Counsel
Settlement Counsel during Mediation

Settlement Counsel During Mediation

Levitt also works as settlement counsel for clients who have chosen mediation, but seek an attorney while they are in mediation to guide and advise them during the mediation process. Levitt works with many clients as settlement counsel in such cases, providing support and advocacy to assist them in resolving their case in mediation.

Why Levitt Family Law & Mediation for Settlement Counsel?


A thought leader and early adopter of resolving family law and divorce matters outside of court.


A proven and strong advocate for clients to bring resolution to family law matters.


Decades of experience as settlement counsel in Massachusetts.


A skilled family law attorney in collaboration, communication and negotiation.

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