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Mediation in Family Law

Working with Parties in a Neutral, Non-Attorney Role

Mediation as an option
Mediation is one path to consider when seeking to resolve a divorce or family legal matter outside of court. Working as a mediator, Karen J. Levitt serves in a neutral role, assisting the parties in reaching an agreed upon resolution without the need for court intervention, or if the parties are already in court, helping to bring the case to resolution without the need for a trial.
As a mediator, Levitt does not function as an attorney for any party and is not an advocate for one party over another. However, with her legal background, she provides and facilitates the exchange of legal information, as well as promotes dialogue to help parties achieve resolution.
As a Mediator
Legal Referrals
She may refer both parties to a variety of professional resources when needed, who can provide valuable information to assist in helping reach agreements during the mediation process. These resources may include real estate appraisers, CPAs, financial advisors, or child specialists who assist with professional insight and advice related to the divorce or family legal matter.

Why Levitt Family Law & Mediation?


More than 30 years’ experience as a practicing family law mediator.

Early Adopter

Karen J. Levitt was an early adopter in embracing mediation as an effective approach to resolving family legal matters including divorce.


Her experience as a family law attorney makes her a highly sought-after mediator for divorce cases and other family law matters.

Certified Mediator

She is certified as a mediator by the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediation, the only certifying organization in the state.

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