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Collaborative Law: Your Attorney to Resolve Matters Out of Court

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Levitt Family Law & Mediation offers another path forward in resolving family law matters outside of court, known as Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law enables parties to achieve resolution to all family law matters, including divorce, while avoiding the stressful, adversarial approach of traditional court-based litigation.
In Collaborative Law, both parties have legal counsel and each party signs an agreement to resolve the matter out of court. Karen J. Levitt acts a legal counsel to advocate, advise, and negotiate on your behalf to achieve resolution of a divorce or other family legal matter.
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Collaborative Law Process
In the Collaborative Law process, Karen J. Levitt and the other parties and professionals may decide to jointly include other professionals to assist in addressing various aspects required to settle the divorce or other family legal matter. These resources may include business appraisers, financial advisors or CPAs, and mental health professionals, with whom the client can meet separately or with other members of the interdisciplinary team. These professionals are only part of the process where appropriate and as needed.

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A thought leader and educator in Collaborative Law. A founding member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council and a former board member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


Over 20 years of experience in Collaborative Law.

Award Winning

An award winning family law attorney recognized for accomplishments in family law in Massachusetts.


A skilled negotiator, collaborator, and communicator.

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Words cannot describe the immense respect I have for her skills and praise for the way she represented me. My divorce was an emotional, gut wrenching, exhaustive experience. Karen’s confidence in the eventual outcome was a calming influence and made the process easier for me to handle. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Levitt if you need representation in a divorce.


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