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Choices to Achieve Lasting Resolution

Karen Levitt, MA Family Law and Mediation Attorney

We offer choices to achieve a lasting resolution. Levitt Family Law & Mediation is led by Karen J. Levitt, an award-winning, proven attorney with decades of experience who is a proponent of choosing to resolve family law matters outside the courtroom for a more civil process.

Choosing a Path Forward

There are effective alternatives using collaboration, communication and negotiation to achieve mutually agreed upon settlements of family legal matters. Levitt is passionate about helping people avoid lengthy, costly, adversarial and stressful court proceedings.

Karen J. Levitt is a family law attorney adept at and proven in achieving resolutions using mediation, settlement counsel and Collaborative Law.

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A Neutral Party

Family Law Mediation


Mediation is a viable path to resolving divorce and other family legal matters where Karen J. Levitt of Levitt Family Law & Mediation serves as a neutral party, assisting the parties in reaching an agreed upon resolution to the family law matter.
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Your Attorney

to Resolve Matters Outside of Court

Settlement Counsel

Settlement Counsel

The path of settlement counsel is an effective way to resolve family legal matters whereby Karen J. Levitt of Levitt Family Law & Mediation is retained as representing a party as their family law attorney: listening, guiding, advising, and advocating throughout the process to reach a mutually agreed upon settlement outside of court.
Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is very similar to settlement counsel as Karen J. Levitt is retained as legal counsel and is your collaborative lawyer, advocating and negotiating on your behalf to achieve an agreed to settlement. The distinction is that, in Collaborative Law the parties sign an agreement to resolve the family legal matter, including divorce, outside of court.
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Why Levitt Family Law & Mediation


A thought leader and early adopter of resolving family law and divorce matters outside of court.


Over 30 years of experience including litigating family law matters.

Award Winning

An award winning family law attorney recognized for accomplishments in family law in Massachusetts.


A skilled negotiator, collaborator, and communicator.

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When my spouse and I realized that a divorce was the inevitable end of our 40 plus year marriageā€¦Karen Levitt successfully negotiated a fair and final divorce agreement that accomplished all of my goals and objectives. She is an amazing and highly skilled negotiator.


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